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  1. Plover: Masking-Friendly Hash-and-Sign Lattice Signatures
    Muhammed F. Esgin, Thomas Espitau, Guilhem Niot, Thomas Prest, Amin Sakzad, and Ron Steinfeld
    In EUROCRYPT, 2024


  1. BlindHub: Bitcoin-Compatible Privacy-Preserving Payment Channel Hubs Supporting Variable Amounts
    Xianrui Qin, Shimin Pan, Arash Mirzaei, Zhimei Sui, Oğuzhan ErsoyAmin SakzadMuhammed F. EsginJoseph K. Liu, Jiangshan Yu, and Tsz Hon Yuen
    In IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2023
  2. Efficient Hybrid Exact/Relaxed Lattice Proofs and Applications to Rounding and VRFs
    Muhammed F. EsginRon SteinfeldDongxi Liu, and Sushmita Ruj
    In CRYPTO, 2023
  3. A New Look at Blockchain Leader Election: Simple, Efficient, Sustainable and Post-Quantum
    Muhammed F. EsginOguzhan Ersoy, Veronika Kuchta, Julian Loss, Amin SakzadRon Steinfeld, Wayne Yang, and Raymond K. Zhao
    In ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM AsiaCCS), 2023


  1. Private Re-Randomization for Module LWE and Applications to Quasi-Optimal ZK-SNARKs
    Ron SteinfeldAmin SakzadMuhammed F. Esgin, and Veronika Kuchta
  2. A Survey on Exotic Signatures for Post-Quantum Blockchain: Challenges & Research Directions
    Maxime Buser, Rafael Dowsley, Muhammed F. Esgin, Clémentine Gritti, Shabnam Kasra Kermanshahi, Veronika Kuchta, Jason T. LeGrow, Joseph K. Liu, Raphael C.-W. Phan, Amin SakzadRon Steinfeld, and Jiangshan Yu
    ACM Computing Surveys, 2022
  3. An Injectivity Analysis of Crystals-Kyber and Implications on Quantum Security
    Xiaohui Ding, Muhammed F. EsginAmin Sakzad, and Ron Steinfeld
    In Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ACISP), 2022
  4. MatRiCT\(^+\): More Efficient Post-Quantum Private Blockchain Payments
    Muhammed F. EsginRon Steinfeld, and Raymond K. Zhao
    In IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2022
  5. Efficient Verifiable Partially-Decryptable Commitments from Lattices and Applications
    Muhammed F. EsginRon Steinfeld, and Raymond K. Zhao
    In Public Key Cryptography (PKC) (1), 2022
  6. Post-Quantum Verifiable Random Function from Symmetric Primitives in PoS Blockchain
    Maxime Buser, Rafael Dowsley, Muhammed F. Esgin, Shabnam Kasra Kermanshahi, Veronika Kuchta, Joseph K. Liu, Raphael Phan, and Zhenfei Zhang
    In ESORICS, 2022


  1. Practical Post-quantum Few-Time Verifiable Random Function with Applications to Algorand
    Muhammed F. Esgin, Veronika Kuchta, Amin SakzadRon Steinfeld, Zhenfei Zhang, Shifeng Sun, and Shumo Chu
    In Financial Cryptography (FC) (2), 2021
  2. DualRing: Generic Construction of Ring Signatures with Efficient Instantiations
    Tsz Hon Yuen, Muhammed F. EsginJoseph K. Liu, Man Ho Au, and Zhimin Ding
    In CRYPTO (1), 2021


  1. RingCT 3.0 for Blockchain Confidential Transaction: Shorter Size and Stronger Security
    Tsz Hon Yuen, Shi-Feng Sun, Joseph K. Liu, Man Ho Au, Muhammed F. Esgin, Qingzhao Zhang, and Dawu Gu
    In Financial Cryptography (FC), 2020
  2. Post-Quantum Adaptor Signatures and Payment Channel Networks
    Muhammed F. EsginOğuzhan Ersoy, and Zekeriya Erkin
    In ESORICS (2), 2020
  3. Practical Exact Proofs from Lattices: New Techniques to Exploit Fully-Splitting Rings
    Muhammed F. Esgin, Ngoc Khanh Nguyen, and Gregor Seiler
    In ASIACRYPT (2), 2020


  1. Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs: New Techniques for Shorter and Faster Constructions and Applications
    Muhammed F. EsginRon SteinfeldJoseph K. Liu, and Dongxi Liu
    In CRYPTO (1), 2019
  2. MatRiCT: Efficient, Scalable and Post-Quantum Blockchain Confidential Transactions Protocol
    Muhammed F. EsginRaymond K. ZhaoRon SteinfeldJoseph K. Liu, and Dongxi Liu
    In ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2019
  3. Short Lattice-Based One-out-of-Many Proofs and Applications to Ring Signatures
    Muhammed F. EsginRon SteinfeldAmin SakzadJoseph K. Liu, and Dongxi Liu
    In Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS), 2019
  4. On Analysis of Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Keyed Update
    Orhun Kara, and Muhammed F. Esgin
    IEEE Trans. Computers, 2019


  1. Practical Cryptanalysis of Full Sprout with TMD Tradeoff Attacks
    Muhammed F. Esgin, and Orhun Kara
    In Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC), 2015
  2. A New Partial Key Exposure Attack on Multi-power RSA
    Muhammed F. Esgin, Mehmet Sabir Kiraz, and Osmanbey Uzunkol
    In Conference on Algebraic Informatics (CAI), 2015